Wedding Planning

The wedding day you have been dreaming of is about to come true. This is a special event - a day that will bring you memories to last a life time. Nothing sets the scene for this rare and cherished occasion like exquisitely unique floral arrangments and accessories that are custom-designed to reflect your taste and personality. Selecting the perfect wedding dress, deciding where to hold the ceremony, choosing just the right cake are some of the many important decisions you have to make as you plan your wedding. Selecting the right flowers is an important part of this planning process. Flowers will shape the magical setting of your wedding, enchancing the theme and colors you have selected.

D'bri florals offers wedding packets to suit your needs and cost. These packets all include the essential elements to make your wedding a beautiful and special occasion. We feature everything you'll need to know, including your own wedding styles and variations, floral bouquets (bridal and attendants), corsages, boutonniers, hair accents, decorations and much, much, more. As your consultants, we want to enchance the theme and colors you've selected. It is important to spend time thinking and deciding about the types of flowers and design styles you prefer and the overall look that you want to create. As your floral consultants, we will be able to offer many other suggestions and ideas to create just the right look.

At d'bri florals, we know that budget is also an important part of this cherished day. You should establish your flower budget and clearly state your objectives to us. A clear understanding of your budget will help us offer creative suggestions within your price range. We will help outline all the details of your wedding floral plan, from your bouquet to the guest table centerpieces and everything between. We will address all of the many services and floral options available to you, including our policies on flower availablity and substitutions, candelabras and other rental items, delivery, set up and payment.


D'bri florals requires a deposit of $100.00 at the time of our first consultation to officially reserve your wedding date and to compensate our time and expertise. This deposit is non-refundable. It is very important to have a clear and thorough understanding of our policies on payment, cancellations, refunds and or additionals. If any of these points are unclear to you, now is the time to ask questions. There are absolutely no refunds after two (2) days of the initial meeting date.

After your initial meeting with us, you should review your order and begin to make any adjustments necessary to achieve the right look within your established budget. To eliminate any confusion about your final order, communicate clearly with us any changes you decide to make. This will ensure that the flowers delivered the day of the wedding are what you are expecting.

Creating the wedding flowers of your dreams is our goal at d'bri florals. Selecting the right flowers and design styles that will reflect your personality and that blend to create just the right look requires the talents and guidance of a quality certified professional custom floral designer. Let the consultates at d'bri florals be a part of your wedding day memories.

D'bri florals offers these convenient packets to suit your needs and cost. These packets are designed to accommodate your budget and to help us offer creative suggestions within your price range. They are also designed to enchance the beauty of your wedding, whether it is simple and small or large and extravagant, regardless, it will be elegant.



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